Autobiography of a man: Captain John Woodson

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Autobiography of a man: Captain John Woodson

Post  John Woodson on Sun Jul 08, 2012 12:21 pm

I grew up in central Ireland, my brother and I helped our father with the potato farms we had, we where wealthy, we where on of the largest producers of potatoes in Ireland. One day my father got a letter stating that the new world was lacking homegrown potatoes, so my father took the opportunity to move us to the new world, my brother, Bob, stayed behind to finish his education.

My mother, father and I left for the new world with a ship full of potatoes to plant. We where just passing Hispaniola when the Pirates attacked and boarded us, our escorts where all taking heavy fire from other pirate ships. We had to fend for ourselves. My father picked up a cutlass and I picked up a light sword and a dagger we had killed 6 or 7 when father was cut down, I got distracted and was disarmed and apprehended by a couple of pirates. I saw my mother holding a frying pan, and backing towards the starboard of the ship, she whacked the pirate, the pirate cursed and drew his pistol and shot my mother right in front of me. I snapped. I broke free of my captors and killed both of them, to this day I don't know how I managed it, freed myself from my bindings and killed every last pirate on the ship. After that all I remember is waking up shackled to the floor with two pirates pointing pistols at me.

The captain of the ship I was imprisoned on told me how I killed half of his crew on my own, he then beat the living snot out of me, and made me work 6 of his cannons, at gun point of course.
He grew a liking to me after we where boarded by Spanish Marines 4 years later and I captured 3 and killed the rest. He gave me command of the Spanish Ship, big mistake. I waited about 5 months when the annual Drinking contest took place, when my crew and his crew both drunk out of their minds I commanded my crew to fire on the British ship next to us, of course it wasn't a British ship. The next day when my crew asked me what happened to our leader I simply told them the British ship we sank had sunk him. I carried on pillaging towns and pirating vessels but I all ways spared Families.

One day as I was coming in to port I was approached by Deirdra Clapshaw, she thought I would be a good addition to the Brethren and Rackem's Raiders. I accepted the offer and became captain of The Emerald Taint.

John Woodson

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