Rendaz Focht saying hello

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Rendaz Focht saying hello

Post  Rendaz on Sat Dec 18, 2010 7:36 pm

ahoy mates , well this is going to be the official post of my presentation , for those who are about to read this i feel so bad that you are going to read a long post of bad english with a mix of extreme bad english , like a cocktail of bad english
I'm from Argentina south America GMT-3 for those that use that as a guide , that the same reason why i play in different hours than you guys or why i don't join vent and talk ill probably join to listen to you all anyway

I'm Rendaz Focht bucaneer , at the moment lvl 21 with a lexinton ship that its cool , i like it ... i didn't bought the game , i dont have a lot of cash ATM for games , recently buy Starcraft 2 , and god worth every little dollar .

well that's all about me , I'm sorry if i cause your eyes to bleed by reading this and on game chat , I'm doing my best ,still I'm a little rusty didn't talk o write in english for a long time so I'm getting the taste again , bare with me if you can.


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Re: Rendaz Focht saying hello

Post  Heda Maiden on Sat Dec 18, 2010 10:15 pm

Welcome Rendaz! Don't worry about your english, we have many that don't use english as their first language and we work it out. I do however love your sense of humor! I was lmao reading your post.

Glad you became a Raider

Heda Maiden

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