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weird dream

Post  Erica Hartmann on Thu Dec 16, 2010 3:37 pm

<p>Start off like I was playing Zombie ate my neighbors for Sega Gensis, then I was transported into a Zombie Acolypse, where the group I belong invaded zombies in weird fashion by aquicing item from chirstmas presents. The group got force into a house and then force to escape to the roof where we find a shack, but we get invaded by Mad Max villians, the villians get attack by a guy from the stack weilding a double bladed axe. The group and I gather what weapons we can find and join the flay only I get transport to another group hiding in cater caused by down Air plane, this group came here not because of the zombies but it was last reported place to find hamburgers. We escape thought a underground stair case, and find a sturtuce, sudden I was on the top floor of this object  and told we can ride this to safety, So this group and I stock up on supplies, but the supplies are Video Games, DVD, junk food, soda, and novelity items. Before we launch we were attack by a group of men wearing blue tights, bike helmets, pads, a bike goggles who were riding magical pokego sticks. They were demanding to hand over Fizzies, which I took for video games, and threw them out of object one handed. Then I woke up, severly confused and disorderatied.

(Please note: I don't drink alcohol nor smoke anything!!) Wonder if I look up a dreamology book see if this has hidden meaning. Will correct the spelling errors later.
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