Whats all this new Rep Reward stuff about and Where do I find it ?

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Whats all this new Rep Reward stuff about and Where do I find it ?

Post  Brance on Sat Sep 18, 2010 9:33 am


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Specifics above^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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Re: Whats all this new Rep Reward stuff about and Where do I find it ?

Post  Bridog Rackem on Sat Sep 18, 2010 9:44 am

brance! I copied it and pasted it here
I may move it to another forum but not sure yet.

Hello folks i have created a list of the soon to be reputation rewards in P&P all data taken from testbed

Los Corsarios Del Rey
Pirate Hunter in Villa Hermosa
Zara Dominguez in Maracaibo
Felix Cahera in San Juan (Corsarios HQ)
Title, Bloodhound
clothing, item Spanish Stompers
avcom Arabian Arsemic (Weapon accessory,+15offense,+3melee accuracy,+6initiative,+4% damage,+6health)
ship mod, Repurposed Guns (cannon modification+5 accurcay,+4target tracking)

Spanish Trade Union
Vendors:Spanish Trade Representative in San Juan (Company Office)
Title,La Femillia
clothing,Short Fingerless Gloves
avcom,Muffled Footwear(feet,+1.75guard regen,+15dodge)
ship mod,Legitimate Businessman's Sailcloth(Ship Speed,+10%running speed all)

Spanish Royal Navy
Vendors:Octavio Osorio in San Juan (Admiralty)
Title:Admiralty Favorite
Clothing item,Selebrated Officer
Avcom,Blessed Franciscan Gorget (Neck,+10offense,+10Initiative,+10Heath,+20Guard)
ship mod,Spanish Navy Planking (planking,+6% armor Integrity,+4Hull Defense)

Spanish House of Trade
House of Trade Auditor in San Juan (Company Office)
Carmela el Moro in Havana (Company Office)
Title:Gold Farmer
Avcom,Pinedo's Heirloom Cutlass
(Dirty fighting,Mainhand, damage 44-53,+14 offense,melee accuracy+2,initiative+4,+12guard)
Ship mod,Artisan's muskets (grappling offense+12,short range damage+8%)

Dutch West India company
Vendors,West India Company Auditor in Oranjestad
Title,Day Trader
Avcom,Snelder's Hand Clogs (Brawling,mainhand,damage 44-50,Offense+12,Melee accuracy+4,+21Guard)
Ship mod,Dutch Warrantee(External, +3 armor DR all,+2 mast DR all)

French Royal Navy
Adrien Darcy in Pointe-à-Pitre (Admiralty)
Title,Admiralty Favorite
Clothing,Celebrated Officer
Avcom,Decoration for Gallantry(Neck,+10 offense,+10 initiative,+10health,+-20guard)
ship Mod,Brest Garrison Planking(planking,+6% armor Integrity,+4hull defense)

French Trade Union
Vendors,French Trade Representative in Pointe-à-Pitre (Company Office)
Title,Marchand Invisible
Clothing,Pointed Boots
Avcom,Gendarme's Boots (Feet,+1.75guard regen,+15Parry)
Ship mod:Rich Roturier's Rudder(Rudder,+10% Turn Rate,+25 Stern Armor Integrity)

French Mississippi Company
Mississippi Trade Company Auditor in Pointe-à-Pitre (Company Office)
Margery Kelley in Leogane
Title,Market Speculator
Clothing Item:Imported Manteau
Avcom,Elise's Repossessed Smallswords (florentine,Main hand, damage 45-55,offense+16,+4 melee accuracy,+6parry)
ship mod,Predatory Grappling Practice (Grappling,+4% Broadside Damage Resistance, +16 Grappling Defense)

The Academie Nationale
Title,Natural Philosopher
Clothing,Note-taker's Coat
Avcom,Frenchman's Utility Pounch(Belt Offense+16,+6Melee accuracy,+8initative,+8 health,+8 guard)
ship mod:Natritional Supplements (Internal+6% crew damage Resistance,+6% crew recovery rate)

Le Salon d'Aventure
Gustave Fleuret in Grenville
Pirate Hunter in Biloxi
Philippe Deleau in Pointe-à-Pitre
Title,Sporting Captain
Clothing:Gilded Belt
Avcom,Vibrant Viper's Venom(Weapon accessory,+10offense,+9initiative,+6% damage,+12Health)
Ship mod,Filigreed Brass Cannons (cannon mod,+6accuracy,+5% damage)

Brethren of the Coast
Vendors,William Kidd in Tortuga (Crime Lord's Office)
Tittle,Kidd's Chosen
Clothing,Greatcoast with Baldric
Avcom,Discreet Brethren Neck Guard(neck,+10Offense,+10initiative,+10Health,+20g uard)
Shipmod,Liverpool Planking(Planking,+6% Armor Integrity,+4hull Defense)

Men of war
Brethren Liaison in Cat Island
Noah Alawiye in Golden Lake
William Kidd in Tortuga (Crime Lord's Office)
Title,Woman of War
Clothing:Cutthroat's Bicorne
Avcom:M'best Stranglin' Gloves(Hands+13offense,+0.5 initiative regen,+9parry)
Ship mod:Bloodthirsty Powder monkeys(powder room,+6accuracy+6%reload rate)

Smuggler's Union
Vendors,Smuggling Ringleader in Tortuga (Black Market)
Title,Well Connected
clothing,Smuggler's Hooded Vest
Avcom,Smuggler's Blackened Breastplate(Torso,+20Health,+9Parry,+5%damage Resistance)
ship mod,Sinisters Smuggler's Sails(Sails,+5% maximum speed,battle, stealth Open sea -63)

British Royal Navy
Vendors,Samuel Howard in Port Royal (Admiralty)
Title,Admiralty Favorite
Clothing,Celebrated Officer
Avcom,Armored Cravat(neck,+10 offense,+10 initative,+10Health,+20guard)
Ship mod,Chatham Ash Planking(planking,+6% armor Integrity,+4Hull Defense)

Board of Marque
Jebediah Crimble in Georgetown
Robert Bannings in Belize (Tavern)
Edward Randolph in Port Royal (Board of Marque HQ)
Title,Board Certified
Clothing,Marqueswoman's Shirt
Avcom,Thatcher's Sturdy Swordgrips(Hands,+13Offense,+0.5 initiative regen,+9dodge)
Ship mod,Board Approved Powder Cache(powder Room,+7%damage,+7% reload rate)

British East India Company
East India Company Auditor in Port Royal (Company Office)
Victor Pepper in St. Johns
title,Compay Woman
Clothing,Imported Open Front Vest
Avcom,Wakefeld's Royal Letter Opener(Fencing,main hand,Damage 43-49,+16guard,+9parry)
ship mod,East india Refit
(External +6% armor integrity,+6% broadside armor integrity,+6%structural integrity,+6% mast integrity)

British Trade Union
British Trade Representative in Port Royal (Company Office)
Title,Tax Evader
Clothing,Trade Union Surveyor's vest
Avcom,Flexible Links (Torso,+20guard,+9dodge,+5%damage resistance)
Ship mod,Tea runner's Rigging(+5% ship acceleration,+10% mast damage Resistance)

Knight Templar
Vendors,Brother Ohan in Santiago
title, Inconspicuous
Clothing, Templar Duster
Avcom,Templar Bandoleer
(Weapon accessory,minium ranged damage+5,maximum ranged damage+10,damage+3%,ranged accuracy+10,+18heath)
ship mod:Fragment of the True Cross(Captain,+10% armor integrity)

The Spanish Inquisition
Vendors,Brother Mandez in Santiago
Title,Brand of Faith
Clothing,Golden Crucifix
Avcom,Inquisitor's Wadding
(Weapon accessory,minimum ranged damage+3,Maximum ranged damage+12,+3% damage,+10 ranged accuracy,+14 guard
Ship mod: Cardinal's Indulgence(Captain, +10% mast integrity, +4Sail Defense)

i think that covers them all.


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