Some Good ol "Fisto Inferno" Stratgey in Beseiged Tortuga

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Some Good ol "Fisto Inferno" Stratgey in Beseiged Tortuga

Post  Sanguin on Sat Aug 21, 2010 3:18 pm

Besieged Tortuga... To do Epic Missions very important to have the Two Rez's they are "Revive" and "Resuscitate"...
"Resuscitate" can be done completely at Port Royal....Quest Starts from Lady in the Bar.

Inferno-- "Frutos" Can be done with 5, having Both Rezz's big help.... Key to this mission is as Followed..
Frutos calls "adds", aka extra NPC's called Students... They come when his health reaches a certain point usually about a 4th of Damage dealt to him... Stop all Damage on Frutos and Focus Fire the Adds Immediately

When we get him to to his next 3rd of health he'll call in the 2nd Wave of Adds.. Stop all Damage on Frutos and Burn them Down with Focus Fire...

Next is very important before we get to the last 4th of his health... Make sure all of the Group is alive and healthy... *
that means Stop fighting let one die and Rez if needed

Most important Do Not mess with the 3rd group of Adds at All when they come!.. Focus Fire Frutos down from 900 Health... the Adds with surrender after he dies...

Hope this helps... if there are any questions please don't hesitate to ask

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