Havana, Prision Break (solo) Walkthrough

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Havana, Prision Break (solo) Walkthrough

Post  Bridog Rackem on Fri Aug 20, 2010 4:06 am

When you pop into the instance you will be in a safe spot.

1) Buff up and turn on sprint.

2) Run up the ramp, stay close to the rocks and stay out of range of the NPC fighting each other. You can pass reasonably close to them as long as they are fighting one another. Get to the big rock near the wooden rack.

3) Turn to the North, you will see a boss off to the right in a gun emplacement. Make sure all NPC between you and the boss are fighting then rush the boss. Right before you engage, turn on your offensive or defensive stance. Kill the boss. This will take out one pirate gang.

4) Now wait and watch. There are several fights going on about you. They need to settle down a bit and give you a clear opening. Do not rush into the prison yard just yet. There are two fights going on in there. One of the will complete and the NPC will run out of the prison and into another fight. That is when it is clear.

5) At some point either it will be clear to go into the prison or into the cave. The path of least resistance is almost always the best. Take it and kill a second boss.

6) If you just took out the prison boss the rest is simple. The cave should be clear. If you took out the cave boss, it may be tricky to get to the prison boss, as idle NPC are standing around waiting to take you down.

7) If you finished your second boss and are blocked by groups of NPC, the best way to handle it is to pull one large group into another large group. Do not stop to fight yet. Run though the second group. The two groups will start fighting one another. After you ran a distance past the second group, stop and fight the few NPC still chasing you.

Kill the last boss.


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