Orleans, Tuesday (solo) Walkthrough

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Orleans, Tuesday (solo) Walkthrough

Post  Bridog Rackem on Fri Aug 20, 2010 4:03 am

I use a Cap MC for this mission. It is fast, maneuverable, deadly, and can take enough punches to get to the finish line. I have not experimented with anything lighter. I am never in any trouble with this one.

1) There are three centers of action here. When I pop in I head to the middle. My object is to take down the patrolling ship first. The three ships behind the line of cargo vessels will not activate until a moving cargo vessel gets close to them.

2) Middle patrolling ship down, time to head to the right group and do the same. I have not activated any cargo ships yet. Most of the time the patrolling ship in this sector has sailed off behind the rocks and is out of the battle. A few times I have to actually fight it.

3) If there is no fight or I have sunk that ship, I sail to the cargo ship furthest from the escape point, wheel my ship around along the cargo ship line in the direction of the escape point, and at the last minute (150y past the last cargo ship) set it to flee. I then set the rest of that line to flee as fast as I can. Minimum range to activate a cargo ship is about 156y.

4) I am now racing with the cargo ships to get to the next section of cargo ships. At this point I get into the area ahead of lead cargo ship. At this point I slip in between the next line of cargo ships and the dormant Varyags. Keep a close eye on thoset Varyags, and get the release window open and the next cargo ship. As soon as the Varyags raise sail, triggered by the already fleeing cargo ships, release this line of ships as quickly as possible.

5) Now, race this line around the rocks and charge down to the last group of cargo ships. When you get there release the first one as late as possible and the rest as fast as you can afterwords.

6) Turn toward the exit point. The Varyags will shoot at you and the cargo vessels, but don't bother waste your round shot. Enough cargo ships will get to the escape for you to win.

Option: Sink all Varyag ships, one group at a time. Varyag turn in item drop rate is pretty low solo. I consider this a waste of time. But if you wish to do it this way, start with the group closest to the exit point. Releasing the cargo ships is a good tactic to take the pressure off your ship as the Varyag will shoot at them too.


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