Orleans, Hulk Smash (solo) walkthrough.

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Orleans, Hulk Smash (solo) walkthrough.

Post  Bridog Rackem on Fri Aug 20, 2010 4:01 am

FLS made a critical change to Hulk Smash a while ago. The Freebooters are now free of their excessive slowness. This gives the solo artist a decisive edge.

1) Hit the gas and steer to the back side of the island to your immediate left. Hug the island on the side away from your objective ships, drop your sails, get ready to pop your combat buffs and wait. You will now notice that only four ships are moving. All are the Freebooters you need to sink, and they will arrive to engage you piecemeal.

2) Engage the first Freebooter at close range as it clears the island. Once that one is sunk, sink the another one that is sure to be on you. Make sure the battle is not headed toward the Scout ships or you will be in big trouble. If you get within about 700y they will release and come after you.

3) Take a break. Sail away and heal up.

4) Turn back on the remaining two Freebooters and finish them off for the doubloons you well deserve.


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