Orleans, Gunboat Diplomacy (solo) walkthrough

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Orleans, Gunboat Diplomacy (solo) walkthrough

Post  Bridog Rackem on Fri Aug 20, 2010 3:54 am

Gunboat diplomacy will be the longest of the Orleans missions to finish, but does generate the most in doubloons. Generally speaking you will not only get the 16,200 out of the mission, but you will also loot 12-16 Confirie Libre turn in itmes.

A step-by-step walk through won’t be provided here. Instead, this will be a more general tactical discussion to get you in and out of this mission in one piece.

My best advice is to follow the concepts I lay out. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a continuous fight with little breathing room and wondering if you can make it.

When you pop into the map you will be pointing North and at a shore. From here until near the end of this mission, you will want to fight very close to the spot your bow line intersects the shore, going neither too for East, West or South of it. Your object in doing so is to freeze the two 48 Tigre and keep them both from advancing toward you until you had a chance to finish off the small craft zerg. If one comes at you, you are probably fine, but two will be a hand full.

Throughout this battle, keep in mind that you are a Pirate. That means that, while you can damage opposing ships at all ranges, you are positively deadly under 300 yards. This is important. You only get so many shots per minute, and you want them to bite deep.

The first ships to engage you will be many, many Hornets and Jamaicas. You will want to sink all before turning on a Tigre, even if one of the Tigres has entered the fray.

It is critical to engage Hornet gunboats when they are closer than 300 yards. Outside 300 yards a full Cap MC broadside will leave them with about 50% structure. At 299 yards or less, a full broadside sinks them. When the range decreased to under 100 yards, a single gun deck of 8 or more guns will sink them.

The Jamaicas are tougher, and they won’t close on your ship to give you the pleasure of sinking them in one go. If you can close to less than 50 yards and have a full broadside charged, you should be able to sink an undamaged Jamaica in one shot. Otherwise, you will have to pick one out for several rounds. The problem with Jamaicas is that, once damaged severely, their title turns from red to yellow and they start running away. Whatever you do, don’t chase them too far from your center point on the shore. Try to sink them in the distance you have left or let them go. The best way to deal with them is to let one get between you and the shore. That will trap them and give you time to finish them off in several shots before they run away.

Now you’ve taken out all the Hornets and Jamaicas in the first round. At this point you need to deal with a Tigre, but you notice there are several Hornets and Jamaicas that are just sitting on the far East and West of the map with sails down. If you get to close to them they will spring to life, so leave them for now. Either take out the Tigre that joined the battle with the first wave of little stuff, or edge close to a stopped Tigre to get it to put up sails and attack you. Again, you want to stay close to your center point. When that first Tigre goes under, all the rest of the enemy ships will come after you.

At this point you have a slight breather. Do what you can to avoid being re-engaged. You will get a chance to heal up before the last round begins this way.

From here is it straight forward. Once you re-engage, take on the weakest force in the East. I advise that you take out all the little stuff before taking on the Tigre. Yes, the Tigre has more punch, but all those little boats add a lot of damage and it is easy to eliminate their guns quickly.


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