Blacke sisters

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Blacke sisters

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Both Rosemary and Kathryn Blacke were born; in Derry, County Cork, Northern Ireland, to Washburn and Jessica Blacke...Rosemary (the oldest) in summer 1692 and Kathryn in spring 1693.
Their father; a whaler by trade, was a hateful man and treated his wife and children thusly for many years. In the winter of 1715 Jessica Blacke died of injuries from a carriage accident...or so it was said. Her daughters knew better...their father had come home from the tavern well and truely beaten into his cups and found her waiting up for him. Convinced that she had followed him to spy his business (which generally involved the local tavern wench) he beat the poor woman to her grave.
Soon his womanizer's eye turned to Kathryn...her golden hair and green eyes driving him to madness. While Rosemary was away he decided to have his way with his youngest daughter, but before the deed could be done the "Red Haired Devil" as he called Rosemary returned home. Seeing what her father was trying to do she flew into a rage and beat him to death with the butt of his own musket. The two girls disguised themselves as men and signed on as sailors on a merchantmen out of Londonderry Harbor bound for the southern colonies.
After several weeks at sea, the merchant ship was attacked by pirates looking for a quick haul. During the boarding action the two girls armed themselves before bursting onto the deck. They struck at the nearest rat that they could see (The pirates Captain), running him through with their cutlasses.
Killing the Captain took most of the fire out of the rats and they were soon defeated by the merchantmen. Unfortunately for the girls, the cat was out of the bag (so to speak), with their disguises torn, their true gender was no longer a secret.
Some of the Merchant Captain's men wanted him to throw them into the sea and had it not been for a gentle man of God along as a passenger they may well have been. Not wanting to offend a man of the cloth (especially being a superstitious lot), the Captain offered the girls the captured sloop and whatever men were brave (or foolish) enough to sail with two women on the sea...the only one to volunteer was a young sailor, Alexander Wallace. Having loaded what supplies the Merchant could spare (to sell of course) the three unlikely comrades set sail to Marsh Harbor and whatever lay beyond...

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