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Bandana Joanna, born of a wealthy plantation owner’s wife, kidnapped from the shores of Barbados by pirates. Ransomed back to her husband 5 months later, he found her to be quite with child. Joanna Heshire was born 3 months later, growing up with a mean streak she is said to have murdered a household after the son had laughed at her. She found herself attracted to shiny objects, and was naturally adept at handling a blade. At 15 she was forced to flee her home covered in blood and taking several heads with her. She set out in search for her “father” booking passage to Tortuga. In route her ship was taken by Varyags and she was captured. Joanna was taken to the captain’s cabin for “dinner”, a meal in which no other prisoner had returned. She managed to overpower the Captain and in a fit of rage, slaughtered the majority of the crew. She collapsed shortly after freeing the prisoners. She awoke several days later in Rudy Cove, in the back room of a tavern, the Beer-wench that cared for her informed her that the ship she had come in on had left the day before. She began working in the tavern, eventually gaining a reputation to not be “flirted” with after several sailors lost more than one extremity in a bar fight. When asked, the Bartender said “she’s better than a blunderbuss at keeping the peace.” After 6 months at the tavern she was recommended to a Captain Rackem, who had recently lost his crew and was looking for recruits. Joanna signed on immediately eager to pursue the fate of her father. She liked the life so much and the respect she gained from the rest of the crew that she stayed on, working her way up the ranks till she was eventually awarded a ship of her own after a boarding. She has since sailed the Caribbean in search of her father, “stopping” all ships to ask for any news.

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